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Addiction takes away everything from you including your spirituality. It does not care about your purpose or connections you have beyond yourself. it only cares about tearing you down. You can gain these elements and more back in recovery. Your spirituality can be the catalyst to finding your sense of self gain after addiction. During active addiction, your purpose in life was to feed your disease, but spirituality can resore your self worth and give a new sense of purpose.

Our addiction counselors and psychologists provide culturally competent models of practice that include sensitivity to client's religious and spiritual worldviews. Our AA groups connect you to different people with different backgrounds and idelologies. Their conversations about their personal paths to spirituality or faith address all concerns about spirituality. Not every conversation will resonate with you, but this knowledge guides you through your journey of spirituality in recovery.

We believe that reconnectiong with yourself on a spiritual level with the 12 steps of recovery provides you with mental and emotional support for a successful journey to recovery.

Our lives are going so fast all of the time,  It is important to peel away from that in order to get quiet and be present in the moment. This is where spirituality is born.

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