At EACAS, course of risks and treatment are vastly different. It is important for us to detect and assess the level or risk of substance use disorder. This determine the level of risk a client is, that is high, moderate and low risk which then determines the mode of treatment service and level of care.

Our Out patient services are direct services for people with substance use disorder and concurring disorders who do not require a 24-hour supervision. This is specifically done to assess their evidence based and designed to:-

The drug screening and assessment of oup patient define the service as a level of care, evaluates the quality of the evidence baesd and determine the number of counselling sessions our client will have per week for a minimum of 25 minutes pers session of structured individual, group and or family therapy as well as psychoeducation about substance use and mental disorders allowing them to commute from their homes and communities intended to improve their adjustment to community life.