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EACAS believes that these children can benefit from a wide range net of social services including English language trainig, assistance with employment, housing, special educational programs to those in need of the service to help them become intergrated into mainstream classrooms and curriculum. This initiative is geared towards transforming street kids lives into a more productive, self sustaining and development oriented through:-

Games, Music & Drummer:
EACAS has a view that for these kids to learn new ideas you have to love them through organising them games, music and drummer. Games include football, netball in case of girls, basket ball, volley ball pool and others. This has helped EACAS to get deeper into how these kids behave, why and how they came to streets and their experience as the activity helps them open up.

Crafts making:
EACAS imparts knowledge and skills on how these kids can make a living and start a more productive life through carpentry, Black smith ie making kettles, metallic suitcases, saucepans and others, Making table clothes.

EACAS is carrying out sensitisation programs towards street kids oriented towards teaching them the dangers of Alcohol and drugs they are addicted to and their consequences or dangers to their lives as this addiction is the driving factor to their behaviours.

EACAS is working hand in hand with other agencies that fight for the rights of our clients, and religious based agencies / institutions to ensure that once these kids are humbled by religious teachings they will live better lives.

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