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Ways we are making impact

Preventive measures have been put in place in the communities through:-

  • School - based interventions on the awareness of harm from substance use have been carried out imparting the messege to them at an early age so that they can be able to make healthy choices in life in future.
  • Youth groups in the community and their role models have also been roped in through the awareness programmes.
  • Women self-help groups and expectant mothers have been educated so as if they are members of the affected persons, they can be able to manage.
  • Religious heads from the community have been involved for their positive influence in the community.
  • EACAS Annual september recovery RUN, a fundraiser RUN that aims at raising funds to create an alcohol misuse, drug use and problem gambling free enviroment in the country.
  • Raising awareness through radio and Television talk shows.

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