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Drug, Alcohol abuse and problem gambling: Addiction does not discriminate and it affects all types of people from different backgrounds. In Uganda, the majority do not believe and know about addiction, people still believe in witchcraft where they end up in shrines consulting about mental health illness the fact that they are not aware of the effects. However, in actual sense addiction is a disease that needs proffessional help. This disease hurts people from all walks of life.

EACAS reaches out to different communities and schools educating all different types of people and ages about the dangers of drugs, alcohol abuse and problem gambling. Such addiction not  benefits those who may be going through it, but it also helps to prevent those from starting to use.

Millions of lives have been touched through Our annual event (EACAS September recovery RUN) and health camps that raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol abuse, drugs and problem gambling. Coming together as a community holds a greater power and voice. This has let people  know what level of risk is their addiction than others and encouraging them fight it together.

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